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this week gives me the creeps

ah well....

okay just received word of yuji's plans this afternoon... so its gonna be "war".... hum..... and i have yet to practice enough...... with some unexpected turn of events... i really cant find much opportunities for practice any more... and this is increasingly affecting my skills... the nights arent really as safe as they are, the days are littered with unforseen circumstances... argh!

sometimes i wonder why i even became a musician in the first place...... few would support my passion, time isnt even on my side, let alone money... ughh maybe that was why i thought of taking a really long retirement after a few gigs this year...

night practices has been not possible of late... maybe i might wanna try it again tonight... but it all depends sometimes...

and now, this week is my last week working! wee~~ back to school days soon~! and pay day too~!

now all i am doing is waiting.... while worrying why my internet connection is giving me hell lots of problems in connecting to school websites which are supposed to keep me informed... ugh...

ah well back to bed...
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okay, so i did some modifications to the blog...

just found a new job, which pays okay and all i have to do is the occasional demo and stand there doing absolutely nothing... and then next i have to worry about who to put at the booth for "The Matsuri"... think i might just wake up that stupid william...

lately, band activity has moved to a standstill, and theres been no news so far... which is kind of disturbing...

now, at the IT fair where i worked, i realized many SGCafe people are all working there too... lol, and had one just right across the store i was working at.

now, to add some new people to the link section...
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a new start!

okay, just got another new job yesterday, and although its door to door, i am still gonna try it.

now i feel like commenting on those people who always visited my help desk at some of them seem to have problems of the heart like... first time in their lives? this is sometimes hard to give them proper advice... and whats more, i am not with them physically, so i cant really judge for myself what is going on and give them a sound judgement.

but still, i'd think its awesome and great to be able to feed them bits of advice from someone who has seen enough to cry himself to sleep. sometimes, i look at them and feel that they do not deserve to be rejected, they do not deserve to not have that particular girl or guy, just seems so... that they too lead important lives which others do not see everyday.

then there are those who always, without fail, try to help me answer the queries, in a way, i thank them. they somehow or rather, give an alternative viewpoint for those kids to choose from, so that they can learn more, and be able to decide for themselves how they want to solve their problems.

now........... lately.....

the music download sites are...... so..... dead..... i want so dearly to download some of the newer material! but there doesnt seem to be much available... maybe i'll try checking later?

episodes count:

hayate no gotoku : 47
clannad  : 19
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lol, now i am having workplace woes too... what a bother... guess i better work harder or get a pay cut or worse...

now to comment on some of the songs i have been trying out... ichirin no hana has this double bass pedal thing which can be easily pulled off... i modified some parts so that i can get some short respite before i continue double bass-ing... that way i wont get tired and it will sound more original... the entire song consists of ever changing beats and speeds, which can get tricky if i am in a relaxed mode. so i have got to fire up myself.

hardly did work on shissou... that song was just a bothersome thing... practiced to make sure it sounded nicer at certain parts and more accurate as a whole... nothing to comment...

now comes go!!! and haruka kanata... two songs which needs plenty of perfecting and tweaking so that it fits the band's style. the sessionists have a unique style unlike what i have seen in Raison d'Etre so far... Raison, as far as i am concerned, has not developed their own style yet... nothing that is noticeable i am afraid... sticking with them sure degrades my skill... but the price is worth it... that is... well... if i can get them to play as one together, and play a neat piece of song... even if i lost all of my sense of style just to be at their level, i will still do it. rather...i might have to spend more time on my own tuning myself up, and making sure that i dont lag behind too much for the sessionists.

speaking of which... uh... my love interest is a Canpous Carbon Fiber Kit with double bass drums, 3 floor toms, 4 toms, 2 snares, and accompanied with a full range of all the Zildjian ZHT series cymbals... with iron cobra pedals... sweet... thats my love interest...
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first session!!!

first joined it when i saw yuji's post on sgcafe. now we play in the sessionist team and it was awesome! too bad the main vox couldnt come, but it was still so great haha.

i must have lagged behind... i was really off form... but yuji's different. he's only at the instrument for 6 months and he could pull off stuff much more awesome than melvin. haha.

now all i need to do is to juggle between these two... i have to make very sure not to reveal any more information to my main band for awhile... something might happen... but really! my main band's not really strong enough yet... they cant pull off feats like the sessionists do... but advice is advice... they told me never to give up on them... train them up to make them stronger. and thats what i am gonna do. even if it takes 1 year... 2 years... nevermind how long they are gonna take.

and it looks like i am heading to perform at street fest after all! cool!!! XP

personally i think they are really full of ideas... and its a dream come true... all that i want to do is to suggest ideas, and thats about all that i can do... and guess what! they work on everyone's ideas! aint that great?! thats something i dont see in Raison d'Etre. not gonna reveal much details to Raison though... but sometimes i have my regrets. but a promise is a promise, so i have to honor my words. whats more... this sessionist band is filled with nothing but true blue intermediate to advanced level members, just the thing needed to go to gigs! unlike for raison, where the members are only of beginner level to intermediate level.

soon... i have to work out a schedule to fit raison into a once every month affair... since this band does not have plans for any gigs this year... i'd figure i will apply whatever i am learning from my sessionist band on them - train up on your own, then we jam together just to coordinate. not too sure what the repercussions are gonna be... i just dont want anything too drastic or bad to happen. but whatever the case, raison was still founded by me, melvin, shino, wf, seika. i am not in any way going to disband it or destroy it. the members need more training, and thats whats it gonna be. training and more training. until they reach the standard that i have observed in so many bands...

hopefully... just hopefully... i can one day reveal to them these facts without them getting angry... then invite them to street fest and watch the sessionists and me jam away at the jrock taisen. then they will get some feel and some motivation to wanna be up there.

now because of that... i have plenty of work to do... might have to increase my training schedule... re-organize a re-training program because i have been off form for so long. or else its not gonna feel right when we play GO!!! and Ready, Steady, GO!

ah now... back to life! it just feels so great!
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First Post

okay, i havent really blogged in a long time, so now comes the true migration from blogger to livejournal.

decided to make my switch sometime during my exam period which was in january, but after that, i did not have much time on my own, and now when i finally have the time, it just seems that i just found work for myself.

anyways, this will be my first post for this new blog, and wonder how popular its gonna get now.

speaking of which, upcoming events i will be looking foward to...

13/2 - new work, START!
16/2 - SGCafe Drummers Exchange, sessioning, Chingay~
1/3 - Raison d'Etre jamming session~

oh more about my band Raison d'Etre. i must dedicate my thanks to the members who have lasted so long with me, although it has only been like almost 4 months or so. the members are great, Gt.ShinodaX, or Shino, our guitarist, is a fast learner, so much so that i need not worry on how fast he will really learn a song. i trust him, and i believe that he can achieve great things, if not for the fact that he seems to be holding some things back, and not telling me much, but i wont mind. i want him to stay happy as he is. he seems to be having a busy life now, and i give him my blessings. same to his girlfriend, Seika. they get along well, and for her, she works well with us all. probably most of the stuff i know about shino is through her, but other than that, i dont think i have much of an issue regarding her. keen to learn, and definitely mature in thinking, she should be a good asset to the band, if not for the fact that she still needs more training.

then comes the bassist melvin. he lives in self doubt, but otherwise, his skills prove otherwise. always having problems with his schedules, and seemingly refusing to seek help, i sometimes worry for him and always want to help him out as best as i can. he seems to be doing fine now, but i wonder if he can last for really long. his looks are perfect for a concert too.

the same goes to kaze, sometimes referred to as wf, nothing much can be said about him (save the fact that he is also an avid gamer i think.... seems to zip off to gaming whenever we chat =p). needs to get his confidence in check, and if he does, he will be brilliant. nothing more i can make out now, but he will really attract the crowds if i put him up on stage.

guess thats all i have for now. really cant wait for saturday to come.
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